Hello there.

Las Vegas once housed Women's Hospital, the place of my birth, upbringing and, today, homestead. Sadly, the hospital found another calling as a car dealership. It is a funny itch one gets while perusing a selection of vehicles only to realize that they may have been born in the exact location of a showroom Hyundai. This, I am convinced, later inspired my father's purchase of a used car lot. Either way, I grew up around motor oil and tiki torches—my dad had a thing for Hawaiian themes.

Per my father’s behest, I attended K-12 Catholic school in a city founded on anything but Catholicism. Imagine how that dichotomy might addle a boy's mind: guilt swirled with carnal pleasure, a dish I ate daily until fleeing to college where I earned a degree in fine art.

My teenage years revealed to me a slue of oddly juxtaposed talents. Computer programming arose from a fascination with interaction design. As did a penchant for the arts. And to this day I have done my darndest to combine them.

I began writing at the turn of the millennia. Upon failing to complete a book (or two), I hobbled into non-fiction and waxed poetic on cognitive science, interaction design and blending the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This, though rewarding, was never my intent, and I yearned to complete a novel.

Ten Years Hence

I decided to A) produce the-next-greatest-app™ like all the other cool kids, or B) invest the same effort into writing my first novel. I chose the latter—and damn happy I did. Check it out here.

Today you can find me working from coffee shops weaving code, words and pixels into remarkable experiences. I have yet to leave Las Vegas and am married to a pretty rad chick. We have two crazy—and I mean Lord-of-the-Flies-kind-of-crazy--young boys. We love them. Most of the time.1

Fun Facts

  • I have two half-brothers, fifteen and seventeen years old than me.
  • My mom dated Elvis (years before my birth, don't get any ideas).
  • My best friend's second best friend was born in the same year, on the same day and within the hour of my birth. We probably incubated beside each other. Subsequently, I am not close friends with my best friend's second best friend, though he's a swell guy (and the use of "second," while debatable, is absolutely true).
  • J.S. Leonard serves as the nom de plume of Leonard J. Souza.


I love it when folks reach out to me, so don’t hesitate in the least.


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1. Okay, fine—all the time. Joking aside, they are our world and we cherish them.