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Launching Bleeding Ink: A Podcast for Indie Authors

Hemingway puts it: "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."

No joke, Ernest.

You, the modern author, face the difficult task of writing which itself can make sheep of lions and you must build a business to support a sustainable authorhood. Bleeding Ink is your guide...

A NetGalley Trick to Uncover Superfans

There's no greater anguish than watching your book's launch go cold...freeze up. Fear sets in and says you aren't doing enough. But, you have another book to write. Maybe a day job to hold down. Kids, family. You have a life to live. And these merciless questions persist and pound on your mind, among them: Why is no one reviewing my book? Where do I find fans? How can I grow my audience? UGGH

Overcoming your Indie Book Cover Woes for Fiction, Part 2

Welcome back! This is the second article in my two-part series about creating a dazzling cover that enthralls your readers. If you haven’t read it yet, head here...

Overcoming your Indie Book Cover Woes for Fiction, Part 1

The self-published author faces two terrifying facts: you must produce an error-free and well-written, remarkable book and that book must be sheathed in the best possible cover...

3 Editing Techniques for a Squeaky-clean, Self-published Book on a Tight Budget

Time and time again, a dire, inner monologue haunts me: “I’m going at this book thing solo, sans publisher, and that’s some scary stuff.”

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