J.S. Leonard

2 Simple Steps to end the dreadred review checking cycle:


STEP 1 Copy Amazon Product Detail URL (page with stars)

STEP 2 Paste URL into Stellar

Save Time

And your psyche. Free up some mental bandwidth for more writing and the gagillion other responsibilities of authors today

Goodreads too!

Stellar works just as well with Goodreads! Feel free to reach out and request other sites as well.

Happy Authoring

Writing is tough stuff—ease some of the struggle with Stellar. This tool was written by authors for authors. Enjoy spending more time writing and less time worrying.

Have a few minutes? Watch the How-To video


Where’d the refresh button go?

Stellar automatically checks your reviews every ten minutes. Checking more often might cause Amazon.com to think you are a robot and cease serving up reviews!

My book’s starlet is always red. What gives?

Amazon.com is down or might think you are a bot. Please contact support and explain your situation.

What's this "Validate with Amazon" message?

Amazon.com thinks you are a bot. While that may sound scary, you are indeed human and deserve to be updated on new reviews. Just click the button, enter the characters, submit and, if successful, close the window.

Who do I contact if I need help?

Feel free to contact me here. I will do my best to get back with you in a few business days.